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semDAV Server Edition

semDAV-architectureYour Benefits

  • Save development time.
  • Realise futureprove solutions.
  • Manage data and process complexity.

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The latest semDAV Server 2016 is available!

Everyone who realises challenging software solutions does now have the efficient toolset with SemDAV to implement smart data solutions and business to business applications.

The advanced system offers semantic componets ready-to-use with a powerful set of data and information management functions that help to reduce development time along with its costs and entirely a new solution which is easy to implement.

Until now everything was modelled and programmed in stiff data structures, which results in high development cost with limited solutions and changes elaborate or simply not possible. The requirements for the development of user friendly, adaptive solutions increased. Complex data structures and processes have to be overcome and different user profiles and terminal devices to be considered.

Requirements in the development of user-friendly, adaptive solutions are increasing. Complex data structures and processes have to be managed to accommodate different user profiles and devices.
Therefore a database infrastructure is essential that can handle high-performance solutions in the necessary complexity and at reasonable cost.

The rapid development of adaptive applications through powerful functions and promptly implementable improvements brings a significant competitive advantage.

The semDAV server offers an extensive set of semantic organization of data AND files. By semDAV rules complex data relationships and processes can be mapped. All without complicated programming.

semDAV provides you an environment to rapidly realize individual, future-proof solutions.

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