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ICD - The International Classification of Diseases - is the standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology, injuries, health management and clinical purposes.  Ambulances, hospitals and medics are required to report all diagnoses with their corresponding ICD codes to allow the analysis of the general health situation of population groups and strategic planning within health organizations. Beside of the usage to monitor the incidence and prevalence of diseases and other health problems, the additional purposes are better documentation and statistics for planning, translation into various languages and improved accounting.

These benefits are accompanied by additional work to split complex diagnoses and assign standard diagnoses to the appropriate ICD code, which is reducing time available for medical work and increases costs.

SemCARE.ICD is eliminating workload and assists diagnostic work with

  • real-time checking and semantic completion of diagnoses
  • complete automatic classification of diseases, injuries and other health problems
  • knowledge management facility to expand the diagnoses knowledge-base with internal know-how
  • delivering proper ICD codes straight to the medical information system
  • transparent integration into medical and administrative processes.

SemCare.ICD helps with the complete automation of the classification process to

  • save time within documentation work
  • save money by software automation
  • have more transparency and faster supply of data for strategic planning.  


  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick training
  • Cost effective
  • Time-saving
  • great ROI !