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  • eHealth

    Contact us for more Information and Consultation The goal of our Research & Development Projects in Healthcare is to investigate technology that improves support of Caregivers in their daily work including management and documentation of Health Care. Our Healthcare...  more

  • Project MobiSem

    More and more applications are based on Semantic Web technology and use RDF as its data infrastructure. Also, the desire for mobility is significantly increasing, and often there are situations where no network connectivity is found, thus data in the form of RDF must be made available...  more

  • Project SemDAV

    The goal of the SemDAV project is to investigate technology that enables the creation of systems that can replace traditional file systems with semantic repositories. The SemDAV project was carried out from November 2006 to November, 2008. How to enrich communication protocols with...  more

  • Project PADD

    Online archive catalog for cultural heritage, author management, biography, bibliography, keywords  more