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Project PADD

The EU-supported project PADD makes primary sources in the history of psychoanalysis such as letters, manuscripts and other documents available in a Europe-wide online catalog.

Additionally, PADD offers information in a knowledge database on the life and works of the key exponents of psychoanalysis including bibliographies of their respective primary and secondary literature.

The catalog database is web-based and involves no time-consuming software installation. Thus it is particularly well suited for use by smaller or private archives as an archive catalog.

The PADD database catalogs letters, manuscripts and documents relevant to the history of psychoanalysis and currently includes more than 8,000 entries. Selected documents are also available in facsimile form as scans.

Project partner:

  • Sigmund Freud Privatstiftung, Vienna
  • S├índor Ferenczi Society, Budapest
  • Wellcome Library, London

Software Development:

P.Solutions, Vienna

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