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About us

P.Solutions is an SME software company settled in Austria. Founded in 2007 as GmbH, customers and business partners, operative in various industries (Healthcare, Construction, Chemistry, Services, Media) have trusted P.Solutions as their supplier of specialized IT-Solutions.

P.Solutions develops and implements Information Management Software for eHealth/eCare, eMedia and General Business. To deliver the high quality requested from our clients, proactive innovation management, requirements engineering and quality management are permanent parts of our work.

The team

Our team consists of R&D project experienced specialists for informatics, business, knowledge, and project management as well as design, cultural management and media informatics.

The team was involved in various EU Research and development projects like PADD (Psycho Analytical Document Database), SCALEX (Scalable Exhibition Server), FLoCIEE (Flexible Low-Cost Internet Extended-Enterprise), and publicly funded national projects SemDAV (Semantic Enrichment of the DAV Protocol) and MobiSem (Offline Availability for RDF Repositories) by undertaking tasks of project management, design, development and implementation.

The team hat contributed to various publications like “Emerging Technologies for Semantic Work Environments: Techniques, Methods, and Applications” or various academic and subjectspecific papers and proceedings.