Smart Semantic Information Technology

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Improve your access to relevant business information.

Optimize business processes with semantic information management and master your big and complex data:








Smart health diagnose and care management assistance


PS.SemCare ICD

  • real-time diagnose syntax-check
  • automatic ICD-10 coding
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PS.SemCare ML

  • mobile care documentation
  • smart care management

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Master big & complex data with advanced semantic information management.

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Easy-to-use object management and multilingual online catalogue for

  • artworks,
  • books,
  • letters,
  • manuscripts,
  • documents,
  • drawings,
  • pictures and
  • museum objects.

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Project: Personal Health Management System

The R&D-Project aims at the development of a mobile documentation and monitoring tool for supporting Health Care Services.

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Project: SemDAV

The R&D-Project aims at the development of an easy-to-use Information-Management-System that overcomes constraints of conventional file systems.

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Project: MobiSem

The R&D-Project aims at a mobile App-Framework which is capable to handle semantic RDF-Structures in on/offline mode and combines intelligent actualized semantic information.

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Project: PADD

The EU Project PADD aims at the development of a web-based catalogue system and a portal, which assembles several archives for combined search queries.

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