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Save time when finding and working with Information

Simplify documentational work and just in time retrieving of information by semantic data linking: Qualified Information empowers mobile and cooperative team workers who need to have structured overview on their business and an efficient basis for decisions.

  • PS.SemDAV saves time by organizing and finding relevant Business Documents and Media.
  • PS.SemCare improves communication and documentational work of HealthCare-Professionals and efficient ICD-10 coding.
  • PS.InfoBAZE supports the work of Cultural Specialists with easy-to-use artefacts management and documentation related to Museums and Collections.
  • Business

    Health & Life Sciences

    Knowledge & Culture


    is a easy to use semantic infrastructure that stores any kind of information of various formats and documents. It structures with meaningful relationships and classification of all data managed.

    Beside of creating memory hooks the semantic structure enables the cooperating team members to find and enhance relevant information in an very efficient way.

    Powerful semantics:

    filtering of any kind of data, object- and metadata leads very fast to the needed information which is linked to all contextual objects gives you a high-grade basis for making decissions.

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    addresses the painful and expensive problem of documentation and health care management as well as the eminent demand of efficient assistance.

    Mobile on-the-job availableness of contextual Health/Care information and the efficient support during the entry and retrieval of case based data leads to the efficient integration of all participants, improvement of the reporting and the shortening of the reaction time at critical cases.


    • real-time diagnose syntax-check & automatic ICD-10 coding
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    • mobile care documentation
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    is a efficient object management system and multilingual online catalogue for museums, libraries and collections.

    It gives the experts a easy to use platform and an comprehensive overview over all artefacts and releated information like

    • artworks,
    • books,
    • letters,
    • manuscripts,
    • documents,
    • drawings,
    • pictures and
    • museum objects.

    Publication of selected objects with releated informations is easily realized with the InfoBaze portal funcionality which works self-contained or can be a part of an existing WebSite.

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